Well what can I say, I have well and truly fell down the Bridgerton hole. The new series on Netflix is simply put, AMAZING! (spoilers) Set in 1813 London when…

The Magpie Society – Review

Hello 2021

Gift Ideas

Make A list Check It Twice

Right it’s time to get organised. This week is all about making lists upon lists upon lists. Every year along side my christmas planner I also have a note book…

Advent Calendars

The C Word

Have They Settled In ?

Ultimate Brownies

We have been baking so much in lockdown. And I saw Zoe Sugg making a version of these so decided to give them a go. We didn’t have all the…

Leaving Year 6 Without Leaving

I’ll Be Sad When Its Over

Disney World Holiday: Typhoon Lagoon, Disney Springs & Fireworks

Will You Send Your Kids Back To School …

This is a very controversial topic and i’m well aware that peoples circumstances will be a huge factor on what they need to do. This is not a judgment on…

Lockdown So Far

Everyday’s A School Day

January Highs And Lows

Un Decorating And Cleaning

So our new year started off with taking the tree down as does most peoples. Except we normally take it down before the new year starts. I just couldn’t bring…

No New Me For New Year