I’ll Be Sad When Its Over

I understand how hard some people have found lockdown and the worry that people have gone through. I have family that have had a lot of stress and strain over lockdown. And lets be honest even though the lockdown is slowly being lifted, the virus is still very scary and there is lots of stress in the world.

The key workers have been our hero’s and must have found it so hard through the last 3 months.

I have read so many times that people just want it to be over back to normal back to how life was.

However I know Im going to be sad. If you take out the fear of catching the virus I have loved lock down.

I was in a very fortunate position to be able to stay at home with the kids.

We have had so much family time and I feel so full of love. Having Adam work from home multiple times a week has been amazing. Being able to have coffee breaks together is lovely.

We have left all the consumerism at the shops and bonded over long walks cooking in the kitchen together and simple games in the garden.

We haven’t depended on theme parks and soft plays to entertain us. We have gone on adventures got lost multiple times.

We have always been a close family anyway but this has really given us the time to slow down and really appreciate each other.

There has been no running round to clubs and life has just slowed down and I have loved it (the weather has really helped).

Being able to (attempt to) educate the kids at home, which I never thought I would enjoy has been fab. We have obviously had hard days but overall it has been fab and part of me doesn’t want the kids to ever go back to school. And we have had lots of conversations about keeping it this way but that’s another post!

I know that lockdown has looked different for lots of people but for us we will be sad when its over. Everything opening back up feels like it puts a pressure on to get back to the shops. Or to have days out like all the other families and I don’t want to rush back to that.

The world is going to look very different for a long time and there is lots of new normals. Im going to hold on to our little bit of lockdown for as long as I can.

Thank you for reading see you next time xx