Will You Send Your Kids Back To School in June/July??

This is a very controversial topic and i’m well aware that peoples circumstances will be a huge factor on what they need to do. This is not a judgment on anyones decision and its ok if we don’t agree.

When the announcement came out I was like many, shocked!. Shocked that they have chosen the youngest to go back first. The age group that like to lick each other and suck their fingers. Shocked at what they think the schools will be able to do and shocked that you still can’t see family but expected to mix with 15 other children from different house holds.

I understand that the government needs to get the economy back on track in some way. If the economy crashes that will be awful for all of us. However I do not think it is safe for the kids to go back to school.

I don’t have any answers I really don’t and I would never want to be in the position to make this decision. We are the only one of the nations that has chosen to return to school, with first ministers in Scotland, Northern Ireland and Wales expressing dismay at the rush to reopen. In fact, the Government seem to be dismissing their counterparts, the teacher’s unions, teachers and concerns by parents associations left, right and centre. Everyone seems to be urging against this. The people that actually work in schools are urging against this.

A teacher is expected to look after 15 pupils from 15 different families yet can not have their parents siblings in their own garden.

Also where are all these extra classrooms coming from? if we are splitting classes to 15 that means every single class is half-ing. So come mid June when all pupils are expected back how can this possible work.

Seth is in year 1, all soft toys and soft furnishings will be removed from his class. He won’t be able to sit by anyone work with anyone. Playtime will look very different and lunch time will be with just the 15 pupils in his bubble. Are these going to be his closet friends which will be torture when they will want to hug, play, share. Or will it be children he never really spoke to or played with. Will he even have his teacher or will it need to be a new teacher.

And because of all this we have made the decision that Seth will not be going back to school in June/July.

Grace is in year 6 so another group expected back. My question for Grace is what for?? Her curriculum is pretty much over, she’s not preparing for exams and how are they expected to do transitions when the senior schools are not open? And again she can be exposed to 15 children from other families but not her own grandparents. Her grandmother is shielding as in a high risk category. So if any of my children were to go back now they still couldn’t see their nan as it just wouldn’t be safe.

Also with all the new reports of New Inflammatory Condition in Children Probably Linked to Coronavirus I don’t think there has been any where near enough research into this. And the un known is scary and I’m not prepared to have my children used as the test subjects if I don’t need to.

My opinion is why try and send all children back? I am in a very privileged position that I don’t need to send my children back. So I don’t understand why they would encourage me too. People who can keep there children at home could, so that the key worker children and people who must return to work have a safer environment to send their children too. Yes this would still put immense pressure on the teachers but at least its lower numbers to deal with.

This obviously is not 100% going to happen. I hope the unions come through for the teachers and that it is put back till at least September so more research in how it spreads and effects children is done in greater depth.

I hope you are all staying safe and remember what ever decision you make for your family is right for you.