Leaving Year 6 Without Leaving

So who else has a year 6 leaver??

This is not how I thought Grace would leave primary school. Its so sad that they haven’t been able to have their right of passage, their leavers assembly or leavers disco.

The last day to sign t-shirts to say goodbye to all the teachers, to have the last week just having fun with no actual work.

I was worried that it was really going to effect Grace and that it would make her more nervous for her next journey. Thankfully she’s a tough cookie and it hasn’t really effected her at all.

We have a wonderful parent at the school that has gone above and beyond and organised some fab hoodies and also one last get together for the kids. Its still sad though and I think it has effected me more than Grace.

I wasn’t ready for her to grow up and I have lost a year almost of watching her grow. Its like we have jumped a year and I don’t really feel prepared. I think the leavers assembly and the transitions into senior school helps the adults as must as the kids.

I have had a 6 months of not walking her to school, giving a kiss goodbye and cuddles after school. Now I have a pre teen that won’t want to walk with me will be meeting friends instead. Will most likely make plans after school and Im just not sure Im ready for it.

Im sure we all feel a little robbed of the year and all trying to get used to the new normal. Im hoping that the step to senior school goes smoothly for all. Even if we haven’t had the preparation to cope with it.

So here’s to the end of a chapter of Graces life and the start of an exciting one in September.

I hope all of your end of years go well and your children haven’t been too effected by the lack of school. Im keeping everything crossed that September is everything we hope it will be and we are all safe in our returns to school.

Thank you for reading see you next time xx