Everyday’s A School Day

Its the Easter Holidays and that would normally mean excited little ones and so many plans with friends.

Its a little different this year and this is how we are going to be spending our time.

We will still be schooling the kids through the holidays, and I know there are 100’s of parents that will say no let them be kids let them have time off to enjoy their selves. And I totally understand where your coming from but….

We are stuck in the house, with just a walk a day. No meeting friends not adventures, no play centres, no trampoline parks, no play dates, no cinema trips or bowling. All the things we have known to entertain us through the holidays we can’t do anymore. We can’t just pack a picnic and go with friends to the woods and build dens. We can’t even do that on our own as we are not allowed to drive somewhere for a walk.

So we are left with what ever we can do in the house. And letting four children entertain their selves all day everyday is a recipe for disaster. They would choose to spend their time on computers or watching YouTube. This then gets them agitated and they end up arguing or getting tired.

We will be setting some tasks no where near a full school day. Tasks that should get their brains ticking and break up the day and give them structure that everyone needs.

Its great to have the odd day here and there to sit and watch tv all day but now is not the time to let that happen everyday.

Our kids have always loved routine and they love knowing what to expect through the day.

What is important to remember now is that you know your children and your family best. You know what works for you and it might not be a routine or it might be. I know we will be doing lots of easter fun tasks and looking forward to all the chocolate.