No New Me For New Year

I had a post written all about resolutions and how I was going to change for 2020.

Then I read a blog about a reverse bucket list and instead of making a list of everything you feel that you want to change or achieve you look back at everything you have done.

So I sat and I thought not just about the last year but about the last few years. And what I kept realising was I’m actually really happy.

Im happy with my life I have a wonderful husband and a wonderful marriage yes we bicker but who doesn’t. He loves and cares for me in every way I could wish.

I have 4 amazing children who are all excelling in life. And not to blow my own trumpet but I help them do that.

We have had some amazing holidays and days out. Our adventures are getting more fun the older the kids get.

Of course I could have looked back and thought I didn’t do enough of lots of things, I could have done more of other things. My diet is awful and I need to loose weight I need to exercise more.

I could really do with being better around the house, but I decided not to focus on what I didn’t like and focus on what I did like and what had made me happy.

By doing this I can grow on all the things that made me happy and by default the rest will fall into place.

I love blogging but I have been putting it off as I have bee trying and failing at getting the house in order and trying and failing at getting fitter.

I started to obsess over the things I wasn’t achieving and then I was in such a mood that I wasn’t doing the things I do love.

The more social media that I read the more I felt that I had to conform to some stupid ideal that just didn’t fit with me. I never used to struggle with the house but now Im trying to follow a million different plans and truth be told it just doesnt fit with my life. And I was putting a pressure on myself that I just didn’t need to be putting on myself all because I wanted to follow a plan that someone I have never met, know nothing about told me its the best way to keep on top of the house. And yes it may work for many but it didn’t for me and I need to realise that that’s ok it doesn’t have to work for me, I worked just fine before reading it.

So basically what im trying to say is im going to take all my happy bits from the last few years and just expand on them.

I can’t wait to get some structure to my blogging and the youtube channel and get back to some projects close to my heart.

It does mean that I will need to change a few things up in the day to day life but that’s ok because it for something I actually want to do this time and not something I feel I have to do to fit an ideal.

I hope you have all had a wonderful start to the new year. Let me know what plans you have for the new year or what you’re proud of over the last year.