New Year New Resolutions

Every year most people make some kind of resolution. And half the time we never stick to them. Every year we say this one will be different and every year it isn’t.

This however is not going to stop me from making some new year resolutions.

There are lots of post on social media saying their not changing as they are perfect the way they are. And if you are truly happy in life and don’t want to change anything then I applaud you.

For us however there are lots of little things. And I feel that you can’t be your best unless your always trying to be better.

I’m not going to make loads but here are a few that I’m really hoping we can’t focus on.


  • Get out more – The older two got new bikes off Santa so this will be an absolute must this year. Also our dogs are not getting any younger so quality family time with them is a must as well.


  • Have less sugar – The children’s diets are actually quite good. They always reach for fruit and carrot sticks (especially Seth) but mine is awful. I want to lead by example. So for me I must reduce my sugar intake.


  • Vlogging and Blogging more – 2016 was the start of our Vlogs and Blogs and the whole reason we started was to record memories. I have loved every second of it and can’t wait to really get stuck in with it this year.


  • Saving – I am addicted to shopping. It is normally for things that we just do not need. Adam is just as bad but with really expensive technology. I’m going to try and only buy things we need not want. (I already know I’m going to fail at this one at some point but life loves a trier lol)


  • Managing Time Better – Last year felt like I was rushing constantly for everything and I don’t like it. We are also such a family and I want to try to be better. No more leaving things till the last minute. Making sure everything is done before the kids are home from school so we can have quality time even if it’s sitting and watching them do home work.


I feel like these are pretty standard and something to strive for no matter what time of the year it is. For us New Year just gives us more focus.

Let us know any resolutions you have made.

We hope you all had a wonderful New Year.