Elf On The Shelf

I have been a member of Netmums since Grace was in my belly. 

So I have heard of the Elf every year.

Then I started to see lots of groups popping up all over Facebook.

So 8 years later we have finally decided to invite an Elf to stop with us. And Santa sent us Crackers.



I wasn’t to sure if we was a little to late to the game. Last year they had one visit school and Grace never shut up about it so we thought we would give it a whirl.

Crackers arrived this morning with Hampers full of goodies and the kids went wild for it. 

They were so happy about having an elf.

However Grace said “does this mean we have been naughty and the Elf has come to watch us” This is so far from the reason we invited him it made me sad that she thought this.

I have reassured her that Crackers is here just to have fun and bring some exciting things to do.

So all is good now.

I am so blown away with how many people are doing it this year though. I think more than half of both classes are doing it. Multiple close friends as well.

I love the fun side of the Elf I’m not sure about using it for discipline, but I guess what works for one house doesn’t always for another.

I’m now addicted to looking at all the Facebook groups to see what everyone else Elves have done. I’m also dreading what ours will get up to through the night ?