Winter Is Coming Are You Prepared ?

Before children I never noticed the change in the seasons, other than when the shops started selling different things.

Now that I have children I have to actually prepare for the change in the seasons.

I have clothes for all seasons as does Adam as we don’t really grow anymore. (well my waist does but I can tuck the rolls in somewhere)

The little ones though have to have new coats boots gloves etc. Pretty much every year.




I’m trying so hard to get organised so I’m ready for the odd day we have crazy cold winds or apocalyptic storms.

When I had Grace I went a little crazy on Netmums. I read every post and loads of them were “how do you prepare for winter” I honestly thought some of the people on there were absolute loons. They would make lists of all the things they needed in June and start buying them in every now and then with their weekly shop.

They would make sure they had all the medication they may need, stock up on soups and bread ingredients just incase they got snowed in.

I didn’t realise people like this existed and now 7 years on I have become one.

There is nothing worse than picking the kids up from school if their ill. Then you have to try and get to the shop in the cold and rain and its starting to go dark.

So now as soon as the nights start to get dark, the cupboard is always stocked with paracetamol and ibuprofen. We have plasters, creams and Puritan. I could open a pharmacy.


Also I’m one of those moms now that have the wellies ready months before the rains come, winter coats scarfs gloves are bought in the next summer sale.


We have a bread maker now so I know we will never starve ?

It all sounds so silly. We live so close to the shops and the chance of us getting snow or storms that shut the shops for days is slim to none. However at least if it is bad weather or we are all feeling rubbish we don’t have to think about going out in the dark.

I also love changing the decor in the house ready for Autumn/Winter. We have lots of cushions so will change the colour with the season. We have changed to orange.

The fluffy blankets come out and the candles start to get lit a little more often. I also love little fairy lights so have bought a few more of those.


We had a little visit to the Yankee shop to top up on some nice candles. Spiced orange is one of our favourites.

The slow cooker is my best friend around this time. Nothing better than coming home to the smell of your dinner, and it being ready to serve.

Is there anything that you do to prepare for winter? Share any tips that you have.


  1. September 22, 2016 / 12:00 pm

    I actually get jealous of anyone who gets snow, as down here in my part of Cornwall it really is a very rare event! I love stocking up on warm winter jumpers, they hide all sins as well so I stock up on more chocolate than usual as well 😉

    Stevie 🙂

    • Jody
      September 22, 2016 / 12:03 pm

      Yes love a big jumper we already have 6 tins of chocolates that I’m trying hard not to open lol