1ST December Hamper

Lots of people have told me I’m mad for doing this but I don’t care.

It was originally my sister that started this trend in my family. She would get lots of little bits for her girls and put them all together in a decorative way for them to have on the 1st December to get them in the christmas mood. 

I thought it was a fab idea, so i robbed it. Everything I put in them I would give to my little ones anyway. So putting it all together just made it that extra special.

Mine generally contain.

  • Chocolate advent calendar
  • Possible a Lego advent calendar
  • Pjs
  • Festive friends biscuits
  • Cards for them to write out to their friends
  • An activity pack
  • Festive bowl and cup (we use the same from last year)






All of this put together and wrapped in cellophane looks very special.

And the fact that the elves deliver ours under the tree ready for them on the 1st is extra special as well.



This is a tradition I will be keeping forever.

If my sister is anything to go by it will just get more and more expensive.

Last year she included beauty advents which can cost a lot, and she also pops in small trees for the girls to have in their room.

I adore anything that gets you in the festive spirit and what better way to kick off December.