Nearly Half Way

So we are in the third week of the holidays here, they have been glorious so far.

We have had so many picnics and fab times with friends. Some great days out already as well.

Im tired now lol I’m feeling it this week. And this week is a busy one with lots of plans. Im not complaining but I could do with a few hot baths and some quiet time.

The kids are in full holiday mode and have fully forgot about any kind of education. Getting them to read has been such a struggle and I really didn’t think it would be. They normally love reading but I think we have been so busy that they are just to tired.

Bed time has slipped to nearly 9 o’clock and that is supper late for us so I feel like we need to start bringing it back 10 mins a night now lol

I need to do the dreaded uniform shop next week Sainsbury’s 25% starts on the 13th so I will be taking full advantage. Have you done the shop yet?

So all in all the holidays are fab and I don’t want September to come round, I never do.

Hope you are all having a wonderful 6 weeks. What plans do you have left?

See you next time xx