Apples Day Out

Does anyone else buy fruit for their children to take to school, for them to just treat it as a little pet that they’re taking on a day trip?

Ours is the wonderful apple.

Apple sits in the fruit bowl waiting to get picked. This is its purpose in life to fulfil someones hunger.

It’s a school morning, mom is making the lunches, Apple is sat there waiting “will it be me today?” Moms hand reaches over and Apple is chosen.

It’s the best day of apples life, finally going to fulfil the months of growing. Apple gets packed in a cosy lunch box next to a bottle of water and some shinny tin foil. Theres also some fruit flakes and a yogurt. Apple was in good company today.

It’s a bumpy ride to school lots of noise. Apple can hear all the children talking and chatting. It goes quiet for a while people walking past every now and then. Then It gets bumpy again and Apple feels the jolt of being thrown on the table.

Theres light, there is the lovely young girl that’s going to eat me, she goes for the tin foil first that’s ok I understand, then the yogurt, ok ok deep breaths nearly time. The fruit flakes next apple feels a little sad being left till last. It was nice to hear all the children talk though, fun to hear them laughing.

Something has gone wrong though I’ve been zipped back in the bag, I’ve been left I didn’t get eaten. What’s wrong with me. Did I do something wrong? Am I not round enough? Red enough?

Its a bumpy ride home, there’s light again Mom is there she asks me how my day trip was then places me back with my friends. Maybe tomorrow she’s says.