Sick Bug

This week has been a really long week, we have had the dreaded sick bug in the house.

Im not brilliant with sick just the thought of it makes me gag, so coping on my own as Adam was away wasn’t easy. I did it though as of course I had to there was only me to do it.

Elijah got poorly on Tuesday was running a temp and feeling really un well. So I kept him home from school. Through the day he seemed fine ate his lunch and watched TV.

We did the school run and he still seemed fine until we got home and he stood in front of me in the living room and told me he felt sick. He then proceeded to projectile vomit all over the sofa and floor and my leg. Why can’t they run to the toilet instead of running to me to tell me??

Grace ran, well practically hurdled the dinning room table to the playroom and stood on the sofa in there. Reuben being just the best offered to take Elijah upstairs and clean him up whilst I tried to clean the living room. What an absolutely star he was, he also offered to clean the floor as he knew how bad I was with sick. Grace was still on the sofa repeatedly saying “I can’t look I can’t look” Seth was jumping piles of sick thinking the whole ordeal was hilarious.

This was a recreation of the moment

Thursday came and he seemed so much brighter, wasn’t sick through the night, had eaten breakfast and lunch. We had planned to go to Rush so I decided to carry on. Elijah wasn’t going to bounce was just going to sit with me in the cafe.

This was fine until he decided he was going to be sick again. Some serious quick thinking I grabbed the used milkshake cup to catch it in. It was very obvious it wasn’t going to be big enough. So I literally snatch another cup from my friends daughter as she was finishing a milk shake off ( Sorry Ava I did give her a new one). Not a drop of sick went on the floor, my friends were fairly impressed with my quick thinking.

Back home he was sick again through the night and ended up in bed with mommy. Friday we was sick free yay but as daddy was late home decided to not go to gymnastics and hibernate.

Saturday Reuben was sick twice bless him. I felt really bad as he probably caught it from trying to help me with Elijah.

So this weekend the house has now gone to pot, I need to do the school uniform washing and well the house is a mess. I guess its the reality of having sick kids and now I feel awful. Terrible headache and can’t decide if I feel sick.

You know what though its ok the kids have played lovely together, we have got toys out that we haven’t for ages and as we stopped in Adam put some knew blinds up in the playroom and his done a tip run win win all round.

Im attempting a Sunday dinner but cheating with frozen roasters and parsnips oh well.

Heres to next week being sick free and more fun than this week.

Thank you for reading see you next time xx