Our Netflix Picks

If one thing can be said about this house. Its that we love Netflix and chill time. Possible a little too much as it can take over.

And the last 4 months i feel like Netflix have upped their game and are putting some amazing shows out there.

This is some of our favs and by ours I mean mostly mine lol


The Good Place

I had seen this so many times and ignored it as i felt it wasn’t really my kind of TV. OMG how wrong was I it was so good i binged watched both seasons over two days. They are super short episodes so you can get through them fast. Plus its really easy to follow. 

The comedy is brilliant and had me laughing out loud a few times. It does also have a deeper meaning to it that makes you look at your self a little.

It is so good.



I love this so much. Its the kind of show that takes you to another world that you know exists somewhere but also know you will most likely never experience.

Full of beautiful clothes and jewels and cheesy story lines that are easy on the mind.

This gets a really big thumbs up for me.



I have just finished this. Been watching for a long time now. I have added this as the ending was just lovely.

Most series end with so many in answered questions but they ended this so so well. All the seasons are gripping and the acting is so good loved it and will miss it greatly.


Designated Survivor

I wasn’t a huge fan of 24 (Adam was) and i really thought it was going to be like that. And in some ways it is a little. On the whole though the story line is brilliant and i was really surprised to find out that the way it started could really happen in real life.

I had no idea that they hid people away to survive a catastrophe.

Keith Sutherland is an amazing actor and he really plays his role very very well in this.



This is a proper teen drama but I love it. It has a little bit of everything in it, you have the dark south siders aka the biker gang. The good guys and the rich guys and then the mystery as well. Plus lots of soppy love stories and even singing.

I have really fell for this one and find myself getting excited with every new episode.



I could go on and on as i really do love Netflix but for now these are my favourite and what i would recommend to people.

Do you have any recommendations I’m always looking for something new to watch.