Tidy House Tidy Mind

This is a saying that I have heard and seen so many times.

And Adam loves to say that I must have a really dirty mind as the house is a tip.(His joking well he better be)

Well that was all going to change this year.

I’m the first person to admit that I’m no domestic goddess. I have zero routine for house work. The clothes spend more time in a pile on the landing than they do in any wardrobe and the mop bucket has cobwebs.

Truth is though I have never really been bothered by this. seeing toys on the floor or the odd sock here and there didn’t  bother me. I never felt the need to clean the sides of a night or make sure everything was put away before bed.

I was really relaxed about it all.


Well this year I wanted it all to change. I had big plans to organise the house till it couldn’t be organised any more. To get a cleaning routine and to finally fill the wardrobes with all the lovely clothes that we have.

I have actually said this before but like I said the mess never bothered me.

Now I don’t know if it’s because I’m getting older or if it’s because I seem to be having people round my house a lot more but the mess is doing my head in now.

I look at the car track on the floor and want to scream at them “why the hell have you got it out again and none of you are even playing with it”

Their inability to put wrappers in the bin makes me want to bang my head against the wall. I’m now at a stage where mess on top of mess literally makes my skin crawl.

However it is so hard to change habits over night so I have had to do a little at a time.


This has always been my biggest nemesis and the silly meme on Facebook that say there must be people living in my house that I don’t know about as I have so much washing is very appt. I can do two loads a day and still have more to do. Then add in a bed wash day in the week and well I feel like a laundrette.

I don’t know if other families have as much washing or if we just wear a stupid amount of clothes but omg it is hard to keep on top of it.

I have now started to do a wash in the morning and a wash of a night this seems to be working.



I have been told so many times that I’m mad to do ironing but there is something in my brain that just will not allow me to put away un ironed clothes. I can’t even put away tea towels without ironing them. I know I have issues.

The wash that I put on of a night I dry in the morning and iron in the afternoon. My loads have been getting smaller the more on top of the washing I get so in turn the ironing is getting smaller as well.

Clearing the sides 

I have always been terrible for leaving letters or little bits on the side. Like things that the kids get from school or small toys out of eggs.

Not anymore if it doesn’t belong on the side then it doesn’t live on the side. It goes in the bin or in its proper place.

I have been doing so well with this and in turn I have been clearing the side every evening and loading the dishwasher and cleaning the side as well. This is something i was terrible for and always left it till the morning.


Too Much Stuff

We have too much stuff. I know we do we horde. I can’t just throw it all away in one day. So we have been doing a little every weekend. This weekend it is mostly going to be down to Adam and the clearing the entry which has become our Monica cupboard. 

I also really need to sort the kids stuff from Christmas. They just received far too much. Which is wonderful that people are so generous to give them gifts but we just had far too much. We have so many boxes they haven’t even looked at as they have such a lot down stairs.

I honestly don’t know what to o with this stuff. Graces is easy as its mostly crafts and we can do a craft and then get rid of the box. The boys is more toys that I just don’t have room for.

If anyone has any suggestions for this feel free to let me know.


I don’t manage my time very well at all. I’m brilliant at making lists and plans. I have a million note books dedicated to different jobs. When it actually come to it though I just procrastinate and it needs to stop.

I haven’t mastered this one yet. I seem to leave a lot of things till last-minute then run round like a blue arse fly just trying to keep my head above water.



This is my year though. I am so determined to find a balance for everything. And dedicate the time needed to do the thing I love. Like this blog and our YouTube channel.

This year is all about motivation and getting things done. Not just making lists of what I want done im actioning them all from now.

I may need to cancel my Netflix subscription lol