Adults Should Have Advents Too

I am a huge advocate for if the parents are happy then the children will be too. 

So when we are counting down for Christmas as exciting as it is to watch the little ones open their calendars. There is nothing wrong with having one for your self.

Last year I bought myself  a beauty one for the first time and I loved it. Opening a little present for myself everyday really made my day. Plus it wasn’t something I had to share it was just for me.

There are so many advents out this year that its hard to decide which one to have so here are my top adult calendars.


You can’t beat chocolate it tastes amazing and makes you happy (calories don’t count in advents). I have had the run of the mill dairy milks. Last year I got the chunky chocolate one thinking it would be amazing and it really wasn’t. This year I have gone for a Thornton’s one. And I am so so so excited to open the first. I love Thornton’s chocolate and I know it’s not for everyone but getting a fancy chocolate advent is just that little bit more special.

Photo From Thornton’s 


Winter and dark nights equal candles. So having a Yankee advent was a no brainer to me. I have had a couple over the years and do love them mostly. However this year I have decided not to get one as we always struggle to burn them as we also have the bigger candles as well. So this year I have spent more on the bigger ones that we love. If you want to try lots of scents though these are amazing and super special to have in December.




This is new this year and I must say a genius idea. having a cheese advent is just amazing who doesn’t love cheese? And to be able to try lots of different flavours throughout December is just brilliant. So far Aldi and Asda are doing them but im sure lots of super markets will join suit and do them too. The only down side is they have to be kept in the fridge and you can display them, plus it also takes up vital room for other food so we won’t be getting one. If we had a big fridge though I so would.




Who knew the alcohol advents were going to be so big this year. There is Prosecco ones wine,Gin, Whisky and beer. If you like a little tipple every now and then this is a fab little way to have a different drink every night.

And with Black Friday coming round I know a few have gone down in price. Morrisons have a Gin Advent down to £60 which is brilliant.




There are so many beauty calendars out there its hard to decide which would be best. I am still looking out for one but just can’t decide. They are so expensive but you are getting a lot of sample products for the price.

The one I have my eye on is in boots 24 days in a Parisian wonderland:  A selection of makeup, skin care and fragrance treats from YSL, Lancôme, Victor & Rolf and Ralph Lauren. Our must-have Christmas gift for her, exclusively at Boots.  

It looks so pretty but is £95 so really expensive. I would love it though.



Let me know what your ideal advent would be?


I want them all but it may be a little over the top.

We are also running a giveaway on our other social media channels. We are giving you lots of bits to help count down for Christmas. Check out out video to see how you can enter.

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