4 Easy Spooky Halloween Treats

The best way to get you in the Halloween spirit is to have spooky treats.

And as it half term and wet it’s a really easy way to keep the kids entertained.

Now I’m not talking intricate cakes or icing. Just really simple tasty treats that you can throw together but look really cool.

Popping Candy Chocolate



This is so easy to make. All you need is a cheap mould. You can get them from pound land or off amazon. Then just melt chocolate and add your fillings. We added popping candy chocolate as we couldn’t find just popping candy. We also added jelly sweets and these were by far the tastiest treats,

Digestive Teeth


I actually found this on Pinterest last year for a party we was hosting. And it was so simple and tasty that the kids asked over and over to do it again. It’s just biscuits with red icing and either mini marshmallows or the string sweets with the white centre.


Pumpkin Rice Crisps


We have all made rice crispy cakes. This is exactly the same except you add marshmallows and use white chocolate with orange food colouring. And then just a little milk chocolate to decorate.

Toffee Apples


These are were the hardest to make but the most satisfying. Making toffee was actually really scary as if you burn it it goes really wrong. Once the toffee had gone hard we also covered in chocolate for extra taste and then made them look like vampires.


We love baking and making sweet treats and these were the easiest that we found for all our age ranges. Plus they all taste the best as well.


Let us know what lovely treats you will be making this Halloween or if you have a go at any of these.