Our Perfect Sunday Roast

Growing up we always had a roast on a Sunday. It was a big part of the week when we all came together chatted and ate good food.

It was important to me to carry on this tradition as I had so many fond memories.

In the week we don’t always get to sit together for dinner. It could be a Gym night or beavers and sometimes Adam is just a little too late home.

So we go all out on a Sunday. 


I feel there is something special about sitting round a table, sharing stories from the week. We are not a sit in silence family. Reuben is full of questions and Grace loves a good word association game. Elijah and Seth love-making noise in general so fit right in.

We normally have chicken as its cheap and cheerful. This week we pushed the boat out and had Lamb. For us the only way to cook Lamb is in the slow cooker with minted gravy. It fills the house with the most amazing smell.


Roast potatoes and parsnips are a must. I love drizzling golden syrup on the parsnips before they roast.




With the stuffing, I’m not fussed about a brand as I always add apple sauce to it. This makes it so moist and tasty. And we prefer balls rather than tray baking it.


We also love a little mash on our plate, I would also have cauliflower cheese every week but Adam hates it and the kids won’t eat it either. Sad times for me.


I’m lucky as the little ones love their veggies this week we had carrots which I boil in a little sugar-water. And peas and sweetcorn.


I love-making my own yorkshire puddings but it’s not always practical and they don’t always turn out right, so this week Aunt Bessie helped us out.


And of course no roast is complete till you drizzle the gravy and add a little mint, apple or cranberry sauce.