5 Things Guaranteed To Happen On A Family Walk

Every weekend we like to get out, some fresh air, exercise and a little adventure. So a lovely chilled walk sounded perfect.


As you all know when you have little people there literally is no such thing as a chilled walk. Something always crops up. These are the 5 things that always happen to us.

  • Someone always falls over. Guaranteed one of them will slip or just trip over thin air.Really how do they manage it? On this outing it was Seth 2 minutes after getting out the car. Hands and knees covered in mud he also lost a shoe later on.

  • Someone always needs a wee. This time it was Reuben again 2 minutes after getting out the car. Thankfully being a boy its a quick and easy fix. 

  • The weather is so random. So you would dress in you arctic clothes and then it’s stupidly warm. Or you put a little jacket on and it’s absolutely freezing. On this day however, we arrived and it was clear. We walked to the bottom of the hill then back up. When we got back it was freaky mist that seemed to of come from no where. Could barely see the kids running round.

  • The kids will pick up something dirty. This walk they all decided to try and get the biggest stick they possible could. Then they didn’t want to carry them but can’t bear to leave them behind. So we the parents end up carrying them.

  • One or more of them will always give up walking. We was going to take the push chair but didn’t really plan on going as far as we did. So Seth gave up and had to have a piggy back all the way back up a stupidly steep hill, with slippy mud.

We do love family walks, and although they are never easy the effort really is worth it for the quality time together.


Let us know where you like to go as a family. Any recommendations?