Bake Off Fever Has Hit The House

The Great British Bake Off is easily one of our favourite family shows to watch together (the next day from iPlayer as 8 o’clock is too late for the little ones ?).

Every time we watch it the little ones want to make something.

I love to bake with them, but as there is four of them it can get a little difficult finding something they can all get involved in. My endless pursuit is to find easy baking ideas to do with little people.

We have made a few before which we videoed Rocky Road and Honey comb.

This week we decided to make cookies with our friends that came round. We have made these lots of times before and even given them as gifts at christmas.

However, baking with kids doesn’t always work.

We make the easiest cookie recipe that I have ever come across.

100g Brown Sugar

100g Butter

Table Spoon of Golden Syrup

150g Self Raising Flour

50g of Chocolate Chips or anything else you fancy, we have done Smarties raisins white chocolate and cranberry cherries etc…

You combine all the ingredients until it forms a dough that you can mould.



You need to then role them into small balls and place them on baking tray lined with grease proof paper.



This normal makes 15 cookies but you can make them as small or large as you like.

Leave them in a ball and bake for 10 mins. They will come out still gooey but will harden as they cool.

They are just the best cookies ever really soft and tasty.

When we made them this time for what ever reason they spread like crazy.


We used Minstrels which seemed to make them a little green in colour so I wouldn’t do that again.


They did however taste amazing and were gone by the next day oops.