The End Is Near

The end of term is near, literally next week and then it’s the summer holidays yay.

The kids are getting the last wears out of their clothes. Their shoes are battered but there is no way I am buying new shoes for one week. Grace has lost her cardigan ?, Reuben put a hole in his lunch box so has reverted back to an old Minion one which he forget he had took to school so spent half his lunch looking for it ? so the end really is near.



Until then it is the wind down at school. We have school reports coming out which I’m looking forward to. Does anyone else really want to know what all the other kids reports said as well or is that just me?

It’s not that I want to compare, I would just like to know if the teachers really say different individual comments to your child or if they pretty much just write the same thing for all of them just mixing it up slightly – hhhmm I wonder ?, and I guess I want to compare a little ?.

We also have the end of year assembly and at our school they give out spelling certificates which pretty much every single child gets. It takes so long for each one to receive theirs and of course you have to clap for each child other wise you’re just mean. They also have the teachers say a few words about their year which I think is so nice – makes me feel a little gooey inside.

We need to take in teachers gifts next week which means balancing everything on the pushchair because asking Grace and Reuben to carry anything is like asking them to chop their arm off.

And of course we are all filling our diaries with meet ups and play dates just to make sure we are sane through the holidays and the kids don’t go stir crazy or forget that they know anyone at school.

And mostly I’m a little sad as Grace is moving into year three (Juniors) next term. She is growing up so fast I just don’t know where the years have gone. She’s not little anymore at all. I can’t just pick her up and cuddle her when she’s sad. Reuben is to cool for me now. He gets his bags and runs off in the morning and I literally have to grab him to get any kind of good bye and a quick kiss if I’m lucky.


Everything is going to change. Grace goes through a gate next year and I won’t get to watch her in the door. Reuben will be sitting his SAT’s next year and even though I knew all this was coming with the end so near it has made it all so real. Elijah  will be starting nursery so it will be just me and not so baby Seth at home ?.

Well I know for sure I am going to make the most of the holidays. I am going to hold on to our time together as long as I can as I feel like I’m going to blink and they will be moving out.

The end is too near.