Addicted To Spending Money

Last January I attempted no spend, my friends laughed at me even Adam laughed. I managed 6 days. Then there was a boots sale and other sale items. I also met up with friends for a Costa.

I didn’t really take it seriously and I didn’t see it as a fail as it wasn’t a huge amount of money. Just £5 here and there and I only spent £40 on the boots sale which was all presents (or so I thought)

Turned out come Christmas just gone I was struggling to actually find someone to give the gifts too. Although they were all lovely they just didn’t fit with what I wanted to get people. So of course I ended up buying more.

Every year I have always gone to the Sainsbury’s toy sale. Every year I buy lots and every year I struggle to find someone to give it too. This year was no different except I noticed it more and it annoyed me that I had spent that money for no reason. I had spent it as I was caught up in the excitement of the sale. The fact that it was 50% off I got sucked in.

I mentioned again to friends that I was going to attempt no spend January and again they laughed. I am renowned amongst us for shopping a lot. However in my little head I was like no I can do this easy.

No spend January is basically you only buy essentials. As in food toiletries and have no treats like costa. No new clothes or visit the sales.

Im on day 4 and I’m going to be honest im finding it really hard. I don’t even know why I’m finding it hard. I just can’t stop thinking about spending money.

I keep looking at holidays that I know im not going to book. Houses that im not going to buy. I keep opening the emails from next just to see if there is anything I like.

I haven’t been to the shops as I know I will talk myself into it saying oh its only a few pounds.

I keep thinking I’ll take the kids cinema or bowling instead of a walk.

Its actually all consuming that we live in a world that everywhere you look you are encouraged to spend money.

Last year I started following a lot of cleaning pages. Even they make you feel like you haven’t got the right mop or you must have the best smelling sprays. From carpet sprays, Curtain sprays, different things for your toilet, dishwasher. Never mind the amount of different products for your washing. Tumble sheets, softeners the list is endless.

Then Christmas presents. We have received loads of making gifts but the packs don’t come with everything you need. Grace received a cosmetics set that requires you to buy demineralised water this is not cheap at all but you need it. ( we are super grateful but the box doesn’t state you will need to purchase extras so the person gifting wouldn’t of known)

Social media is awful, everyone seems to have product deals. All of them seem to be selling something. And if you relate to these people it does make you feel like it will better your life if you have the same things. Even though they have been gifted it so haven’t even bought it their selves. You get sucked in which obviously is the whole point.

I know I’m carless with money. I really do know that it’s me that has the problem but society really doesn’t help at all. Everywhere you look you are encouraged to buy stuff you really don’t need.

The kids are targeted on every platform TV, Games all have adverts for things they need and every other kid probably has.

I’ve sat and thought about it a lot the last few days and its a sad world we live in really. Consumerism seems to equal happiness and I’m desperately trying to find away that it doesn’t.

Maybe it releases some chemical in your body that makes you happy maybe that’s why its so addictive.

I’m actually looking at this like a detox (I thought giving up sugar would be my problem) I need to go cold turkey. I’m already thinking about the weekend and I know if we go out even for a walk there will be a cafe for a hot chocolate. I need to prepare, I would say I’d take a flask but I don’t have one so would have to buy one lol

Who else is trying to cut back? Who else finds it hard not to spend money? Who else gets a happy buzz when you shop?

Thank you for reading see you next time xx



  1. Rachel
    January 5, 2019 / 12:40 pm

    I feel your pain. I am giving up alcohol and meat this January and I should probably add to that shopping. I started to reduce the amount I spent this time last year and started buying everything I needed at a discount or second hand. This only solved half the problem as I just started buying as much, just cheaper!
    I too thought I’d replace shopping with cleaning but as you point out, that lead to spending on cleaning products. This year I’m going to try and replace it with exercise and anything that doesn’t cost money like going outdoors for walks. Wish me luck.
    Happy new year, wishing you good health and prosperity for 2019

    • Jody
      January 10, 2019 / 4:21 pm

      Im trying to exercise but finding it super hard. I just don’t think my mind is there yet. I still haven’t spent which I so proud of myself. Happy new year and I wish you all the luck to succeed xx

  2. DonnaB
    January 5, 2019 / 10:01 am

    Yes over the holiday we spent time each day sorting things and pairing down. I am feeling so much lighter. I have started using the theory of if does not bring me joy out it goes. There is a book. When looking at all of our bags of trash and donations I thought, there was a vacation we could have done. So that is what keeps me out of the shops knowing I really want my dream trip to Scotland/England/Ireland. I need my daughter to have those memories. I see nothing wrong with a Costa or Starbucks with the fam as that is creating memories but for me I have to prioritize those impulse things so I don’t get off track. It’s not easy for sure!!

    • Jody
      January 10, 2019 / 4:22 pm

      Its really not easy but I love your out look on in. So I can go for costa with the family just not on my own lol I still haven’t spent so super proud of myself xx