Strange Holiday Traditions

As our holiday is getting closer and closer I’m making more and more lists.

And something I have noticed is I have some really strange traditions.

Tooth Brushes

We have only just had new tooth brushes but I will still buy new ones for holiday as well you must have new tooth brushes for holiday right? 


New Pyjamas 

We have loads of pyjamas really nice ones, but of course I will be buying new ones for holiday. No idea why but I will be.

Clean House

So I like to keep the house tidy but when we are going on holiday I literally clean my house within an inch of its life. All beds changed on the day we leave house scrubbed. Who am I actually doing this for?? It’s nice to come back to a clean house but well is it really worth stressing this much about it??


Turning Everything Off

So who else goes round the house turning everything off, all electrics making sure everything is un plugged, except the fridge we all trust the fridge lol

Spread The Packing

Now I don’t think this one is that strange and I just presumed everyone did it. We always spread the packing so I don’t ever put all of one persons stuff in one case. It gets spread all around the three cases that we take. 

I really thought everyone did this but apparently not.



What do you do before your holidays? anything I haven’t mentioned anything weird?

Thank you for reading see you next time xx



  1. DonnaB
    October 21, 2018 / 3:40 pm

    New pyjamas yes and toothbrushes too. I think spreading out the clothes between cases is so smart in case one gets lost then they still have clothes. I will do that next time too. I also clean my house there is just something about coming back and having one less thing to do after vacation mode. My only other thing is I usually try to cook food for a couple of days to empty the frig and then freeze them for come back meals. I never want to cook when I come back from vacation, I wonder why?

    • Jody
      October 28, 2018 / 8:29 am

      Cooking food for when you get back is such a good idea. We normally just do a food shop online lol xx