Its Not Just Ten Minutes

We have been back at school four weeks now and are fully in the swing of it. And now everyone has settled in, the home work has started to come home.

Our school want us to do just 10 minutes of reading and 10 minutes of maths with an online app and also a set of spellings every week.

I love how they say it’s just 10 minutes that’s all it is. Have they actually met any of the children that they are giving the home work too?

Heres five things guaranteed to be said by your child.


Why do we have to do home work. I used to answer this with a long conversation. Of how it will help them and make the work at school easier. Then I realised that I’m pretty sure they say this overtime just to drag it out a little longer before they start. 

Kids love to start long discussions about nothing just before they do anything you have asked them including bed time.


Can I Have A Drink

Of course they want a drink. And of course as a parent I’m going to give them drinks. However when they have a bottle full of juice sat next to them. And what they actually mean is they want to sit and drink the juice in full before starting is where their taking the mic.


Can I Have A Snack

Again of course they are a little hungry after school. They always come in and have a snack anyway. Then after they have eaten that snack and I then as them to do home work and they want another snack again they are taking the mic.


I’m Too Tired

Every time guaranteed they are just too tired and they have done enough at school. And I get that they are tired and yes they have done 6 hours in school. Yet they’re not to tired to run around destroying the nice tidy house. Or to sit on the iPad for the next hour building pointless worlds on Minecraft. No they are just to tired to sit quietly and do just 10 minutes of home work.



The Teacher Said We Don’t Have Too

Really this I have heard so many times and now I just have to laugh. Why then my dear do we have to sign your book everyday to say you have read?? And ok I won’t sign the book if they teacher said you don’t have to. This is them followed by “noooooo you must sigh it” which is then followed by at least 5 mins of being upset that I would dare to threaten not to sign the precious book diary.



So after all this its nowhere near just 10 minutes it’s actually a good 25 mins. I now have 3 little ones in school and that is totally down to me and my choice but times that by three and you have a whole lot of stress on the evening because the school want you to do just 10 mins of home work.


I really don’t mind home work too much but don’t make out it is the easiest thing in the world to get the kids to sit for 10 mins because it’s just not. They don’t want to do it so it’s a strain sometimes. Sometimes they come home and are desperate to beat little Timmy on the maths app and sometimes they really are just too tired.