Diary Of A Summer Holiday Mom Day 4

Today started off amazingly. We had no bed invaders at all. The whole night was quiet. Of course I woke multiple times to check why they wasn’t waking us up. However other than that it was the quietest night we have had for a long time.

And to top it off everyone slept till nearly 7am. 


7 am that is amazing and un heard of in this house

Today Adam had work to do around the house. Grace was back off to gym camp and me and the boys were meeting friends at soft play. So everyone was pretty happy all round.

Now soft play can be great mostly for the kids but you are guaranteed to have the usual.

The Kids Are Continuously Hungry

What is it as soon as you get to soft play they are hungry thirsty for the entire time you are there.

Someone else Kids Annoys You

I know it sounds awful and most children play lovely at these places.Yet there is always that one that will throw a ball really hard or not take turns and push. And their parents are just not paying attention at all.

They Want To Play The Machines

It’s never enough for them to have all the slides balls swings and friends to play with. They have to beg to have a really cheap toy to of the grabbing machines

Well today didn’t disappoint.

The boys walked through the door and moaned about being hungry even though they had breakfast 30 mins before.

Then of course the machines caught their attention I made them wait till after lunch for that one though.

And there was a kid screaming constantly and the grandparents just thought it was precious (it wasn’t)

Then something I have never had happen to me before happened.

I heard the scream I recognised the scream and knew it was a bad one. Little Seth was as red as a beetroot screaming his little head off. And I just knew once I saw him that his nose could be broke.

It was already swelling and had a lump on the one side.


A cold compress was attained and he calmed as the blood started to trickle out. Poor little man just needed mommy cuddle.

Now I know I sound like a bad parent but I didn’t go to hospital in fact I didn’t leave soft play.

  1. He had calmed down and didn’t seem to be in pain
  2. My friends (one being a nurse) reassured me the hospital wouldn’t do anything anyway
  3. It no longer looked broken just really swollen

So I’m really hoping our summer holidays don’t continue like this.

His fine now his home playing the computer but his going to have a black eye in the morning.


Hope your holidays are going well. What have you all been up to?