Diary Of A Summer Holiday Mom Day 1

There was no alarm today we had no school run. Adam is off work so there was no real reason to wake to early.

6 AM

Little person at the side of the bed “mommy where’s my iPad” 

Do children have no sense. Who in their right mind would wake a sleeping parent when they don’t need to wake? My children that’s who.

I rolled over and mumbled the general direction of the iPad.

6:30 AM

The dogs start running up and down stairs. All because the kids are awake and they now think its fair game to make noise. Adam shouts for them to get in the kitchen. You can almost hear the snigger from the dogs who no longer listen to Adam ever.

6:45 AM

Little person at the bottom of the stairs shouting “mom can I have a biscuit”

What is the actual point of me trying to sleep after 6? there clearly is no point.

Adam of course does an amazing job of not hearing anything.

This week Grace is at gym camp. So we did need to be up to make lunch and feed her but really not this early.

I also promised my self that these holidays we would be a lot more active. And outside exercise would take priority over any computers.



We have also set a reading challenge for the older two, and a reading challenge for ourselves for the younger two.

Grace and Reuben both have new books which they are loving so far.

Minecraft and Bear Grylls 


Today we ticked off all the important bits 

  • We fed them
  • Grace got to camp on time
  • We remembered to pick her up
  • We had outside exercise and enjoyed it a lot
  • We had a lot of family time

I’m probably not going to write a diary entry everyday, but I know I’m going to do it a lot. I love recording memories and remembering the silly things. And I want to look back on the holidays and think yeah actually we had a really good time.

We are also daily Vlogging on our YouTube channel so you can keep up with what we are up to over there . ClarkeFamilyUKAdventures

We really hope you are all having a fab start to your holidays and would love to hear what you have all been up to.