When are You Having Your Next Baby?

We recently went to a family wedding and it felt like everyone asked when we was having our next baby.

The fact that we now have four I would have thought that people would presume we had completed our family, but apparently not.

One of the aunts said it was because we are such natural parents that they expect us to just carry on having children.


It used to really bother me when people asked this question because.

It’s so personal.

It really is one of the most personal questions you can ask. No body knows whether someone has been trying but just can’t. Maybe they have recently lost one.

I do have other things in my life

It makes me think people just see me as a mother. I have many other things in my life. (this Blog being a big one) So why not ask me about other things. When I’m going back to work or our next holiday.

The four I have are more than enough

Surely reaching four children is a big enough number. I can understand if we only had one or two but we have four children. Thais a large family so why would people think we would add more.


After thinking about all the reasons why it annoys me.I did then sit and think actually it is a compliment. People must think we are good parents to think we could cope with more. 

Also I am so guilty of doing exactly the same to others. One of my friends has five children and I still joke about when she will have another.

So I guess I’m writing this to say. I’m really not annoyed or offended by this questions anymore. In fact I always answer it with I would love more if we had more money and a bigger house.


Do you get asked this question? Or is there a question that you get asked all the time?


And for the record our family is complete now, unless we win the lottery and get a bigger house lol