I Don’t Want Him To Go To School

People will be waking up today or maybe already have received their reception places.

Waiting to see if you received your preferred school can be an emotional roller coaster, and a worrying time for some.

However once you know where their going then the real worry starts.

This is my third time round and it hasn’t got any easier. Waiting for the placement was the easy part. Coming to terms with Elijah going to school is the really hard part.

Currently he spend the morning at nursery, where they tell me a lot of what he has been up to. I get pictures and notes to say what his done. Then comes home and has a little nap and cuddles.


Once his at school though that mostly stops. I won’t get to see pictures till the parents evening. I won’t really have the one to one with the teacher that I do with the nursery teacher. And worse of all he will be gone for most of the day.

How To Cope With The Detachment 

With the older two I did find it really hard. With time though it got easier. So now I know in time once I see how happy he is. And he starts talking about his day more it will be easier. I just have to be patient. With Seth it may be a different story as I will have an empty nest.

How To Cope With The Lack Of Communication 

I’m afraid I have never actually coped with this. I still go to the teacher most days to question something with Reuben. Grace I’m better with as she talks to me more about the day. So I guess I know when their older I will be able to let go. I’m not expecting that for the first 3 years though.

Don’t Worry About What Others Think

I’ve learnt that even though I may come across as an over bearing parent, that actually it really doesn’t matter. They expect it of a lot of parents. They are your children after all, you have a right to question the things that are happening in their lives. And you will get some parents that roll their eyes at you. I just don’t care anymore I’m the parent and I will parent in my way.



I would have loved to home school all my children but I don’t have the confidence and I wanted them all to experience the social aspect of school. So with all that in mind I just need to suck it up and go with the flow of them starting school.