Valentines Day When Your Married And Have Kids

It’s that time of year again when the shops are full of roses, everything is shaped like a heart and the front of shops are mostly red. 

Yep its good old Valentines day.


When me and Adam first got together we always bought teddies for each other and a beautiful card with lots of sentiment on it.

And after the day the teddies would go on top of the wardrobe and the cards in a memory box.

Then we moved on to big boxes of chocolates and flower arrangements. One year he had some delivered to my work place and they were so big he had to come pick me up as I couldn’t get them back on the train.


Now that we are married and have four children it has all calmed down a little and we don’t have so much of a show.

Don’t get me wrong. I love Valentines day. I love the soppiness of it and the fact that you have one day to focus on your other half. Yes everyday you should show you love and appreciation but it dopant always work that way. Life gets busy and you can’t constantly be romantic. So taking the one day out of the year to put in that little extra effort is quite special.

We don’t buy cards anymore. As to be frank they just go in recycle so I might as well put the £3 straight in there. We don’t buy teddies or cute photo frames as the just gather dust.

We love to celebrate with a nice M&S dine in. With some nice chocolates and a bottle of fizz. We wait till the kids are tucked up in bed and put some soppy music on and just enjoy the time together. We mostly talk about the kids but that’s being a parent for you.


Gone are the days of romantic meals out or weekends away.

We are ok with that though, it’s still special for us and we do keep the love alive ?

How do you spend your Valentines?