Diary Of A Summer Holiday Mom Day 17

We are half way through the holidays.

I’m filled with a little sadness that we are now more in the count down. Yet still happy that we have three weeks left.

We have done the school shop. It’s a relief to have it all done and dusted and washed and put away ready.

It was really expensive this year. Three at school and one going to nursery where they must have a uniform. 

And as I was buying it all it suddenly dawned on me. I’m not going to have any children at home in the afternoons come September.


Feeling Sad

So this week I have been feeling a little sad. Lots of things have been going through my head. My dad has been filling my thoughts. And the thought of not having little people to occupy me is filling me with a little dread.

What do people do when all their children go off to school?

I’m not going back to work as the logistics of childcare through the holidays just wouldn’t work for us. Plus I don’t need to at the moment so I would rather have the time with the kids when they are at home.

Occupying Myself

We are always busy but this week we didn’t have a lot planned. That soon changed as I got speaking to our friends. We ended up having 17 kids for a play date. People will think I’m mad but it was really what I needed this week. 

I concentrated on getting the house tidy and made cake and basically threw myself into entertaining. And hearing and seeing all the kids playing so happy together made me feel all warm inside.


Planning Ahead

Then they all went home I tided the house and I was back to my own thoughts again. I know all this sound so miserable but the kids haven’t noticed at all. The rain has kept us in for a couple of days. Thankfully my kids love days in which is a bonus.

Sitting and thinking of the year ahead though and my mind always turns to christmas. It is my go to happy place no matter what time of year it is.

Wednesday we spent the day watching christmas films having hot baths in the afternoon and eating a roast dinner. Also lots of friends on social media seem as crazy as me and have started christmas shopping which made me feel loads better.

I’ve started making little notes for things I want to make and do come the Autumn time and it really cheered me up.



I know this is a little bit of a down post but sadly that’s where I was this week. The kids make sure I’m happy but I can’t stop thinking about them going back to school and having to fill my days without them.

So come september I’m guessing there will be lots of blog posts for you all to scroll through on lots of nonsense. Then once October hits its will be all about the celebration of Halloween Bon Fire Night then CHRISTMAS.

I’m looking to the future keeping lots of happy thoughts in my head.

Plus i have the best friends who have filled my holidays with days out and play dates they really are the best.

How do you all cope when your feeling a little down? Do you have a happy place that you go to. I know lots of people who book holidays so they always have something to look forward to.

What do you do?


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