The Guilt That We Feel

Being a parent is hard at the best of times but why do us mom’s make it even harder for ourselves by piling on the guilt? I know that we all do it.

I literally feel guilty about most things through the day.

I feel guilty that I haven’t wrote a blog post for over a month.

I feel guilty about having four children. Sometimes I feel like my time with them is stretched too far and it was never their choice to be part of a big family.



I feel guilty if we have more than one take away a week as I feel we should be having home cooked meals all the time.

I feel guilty about sitting down through the day. As I’m at home it feels like I’m not really pulling my weight when Adam is out there working very hard everyday.

I sometimes feel bad when I’m spending money on myself as I haven’t earnt it and I could be buying the kids something instead (this feeling generally passes quite quickly – lol)

I feel guilty when the kids ask to do something and we can’t, like swimming as I need Adam to be at home to do this with us.

I feel guilty if I don’t walk the dogs. They can’t just take their selves out (or could they lol). As puppies they did chew through the fencing and go for strolls through other peoples gardens and houses – oops.



Why do we do this to ourselves?

Even though I know I have nothing to feel guilty about, it still creeps in. Is this just ingrained into our genes? Adam doesn’t really feel bad about anything – unless it’s pointed out to him.

He never over thinks anything where as I will lie awake thinking: I really should of made their birthday cake instead of buying one from the shop.

I don’t remember being like this before I had children though, so is it more of a mother thing rather than a female thing?

I annoy myself so much as I know I shouldn’t feel guilty, it just comes out of nowhere.

The children never moan for attention. Half the time they would rather play together, instead of me interfering as I just don’t get the game they are playing.

Takeaways are never that bad really and so tasty.

I bet Adam sits and has multiple hot drinks through the day, so why shouldn’t I have 1 or 5.



Sometimes when I get that gut wrenching guilt feeling I have to sit myself down and remind myself that I’m actually doing a pretty damn good job. The kids function as they should (well in public they do). We are all fed and watered and most of all we are all very happy.

I just really wish that the guilt wouldn’t try to bring me down and just leave me alone to live my life.

Do any of you feel the guilt over such silly things?

Tell me how you cope with it?