Friends For Life | Half Term Diaries

Todays Adventure was to a huge soft play with the kids longest friends.

When I gave up work after having Reuben, I was left with the realisation that I needed to make mom friends. My other friends were still working so day to day it was just me and the kids.

It is a seriously scary thing to take your self off to a play group and try to make friends whilst also trying to look after your kids.

You want to come across as your best self, yet you sit there thinking you are being judged by every single person in the room (you’re not but it doesn’t stop you feeling that way)

I was incredible lucky to find Tiny Talk a free class at Graces nursery. The moms that I met at this group are now life long friends. Our kids have grown up to be close and really enjoy each others company. We have gone on to have more kids (well we did) and they have been welcomed into the group just as much as the original gang.

Even Adam is now really close with them all as well, our kids go to groups together and every holiday we make time for each other.

This half term is no different and today we had the best day. The parents chilled and chatted and the kids had a blast.

We went to Imagination Street which isn’t just a soft play it also has a trampoline park at the back ( and no we are not bored of bouncing yet )

It was crazy busy as you would expect but the kids still had fun. I even ventured in for a little play.

My favourite thing about soft play is the food. No idea why but the minute I sit down I look at the menu.

Kids are super tired out now and we got some cheeky doughnuts as a treat on the way home.

Hope you are all having a fab half term.

Thank you for reading see you next time xx